Annual Open Show 2022

The Club has decided not to hold an Annual Show in 2022. Instead a series of Mini-Shows will be held at each meeting. Details of these are below

At each Show, there will be prizes awarded in each category. There will be no entry fee

Friday 4th March  Topic - Daffodils
Class 1:Tall Daffodils.

   1st Bob Hodges,

   2nd Lynn and Rob Moore,

   3rd David Ashdown

Class 2: Short Daffodils:

   1st Bob Hodges,

   2nd, Jo Graham,

   3rd Margaret White

Friday 1st April  Topic - Knitting: A hand-made toy or novelty item.

1st prize: Anne Ross

2nd Prize: June Baxter

3rd Prize: Louise Clubley

Friday 6th May  Topic - Pot Plants, pot maximum diameter 10"
Class 1: Flowering Plants

     1st prize: Malcolm Stewart

     2nd Prize: Margaret White

     3rd Prize: Margaret Stewart

Class 2: Foliage Plants

    1st prize:  Louise Clubley

    2nd Prize: Janet Hodges

    3rd Prize: June Baxter

Friday 3rd June  Topic - Flowers - details to follow

Friday 2nd September  Topic - Vegetables

Friday 7th October   Topic - Dahlias

Friday 11th November - Photography

Friday 2nd December   Topic - Domestic
WNHHC Daffodil Show Mar 22 (2).jpg