Virtual Show - September 2020  - entries 

Class 1 - Selection of Vegetables on a Plate (Minimum 2 kinds)

2nd Place Margaret & David White
3rd Place John Foster
Janet and Bob Hodges
1st Place Louise Clubley

 Class 2 - Selection of Fruit on a Plate (Minimum 2 kinds)

1st Place Janet and Bob Hodges
3rd Place John Foster
2nd Place Louise Clubley

Class 3  Pot Plant - House

3rd Place Alexandra Toomey
2nd Place Val Cheeseman

Class 4  Pot Plant - Garden

1st Place Melissa Gill
Alexandra Toomey
Chris Maunders
2nd Place Barry Maunders
June Knight - Some like it Hot!
John Foster
Kathy MacGilchrist
1st Place Malcolm Stewart Azalia Issho-no-haru
Janet & Bob Hodges
Margaret & David White
3rd Place Linda Salt
Louise Clubley  Plectranthus
Highly Commended - Mary King
Sheila Fraser

Class 5 Pot Plant - Cactus or succulent

3rd Place Alexandra Toomey
1st Place Janet & Bob Hodges
2nd Place Val Cheeseman

Class 6 One Vase specimen Rose

1st Place Kathy MacGilchrist
3rd Place Margaret and David White
2nd Place Louise Clubley
John Foster  Rosa Sally Holmes

Class 7  Vase of mixed Garden Flowers

1st Prize June Knight          Fresh from my Garden
2nd Place Janet and Bob Hodges
John Foster
3rd Place Louise Clubley Rainbow over a Cloud

Class 8 Vase of mixed Garden Foliage

2nd Place John Foster
1st Place Louise Clubley

Class 9 Vase of 3 Dahlias

2nd Place Anne Adams
John Foster
1st Place Jim Adams
3rd Place Louise Clubley

Class 10 Hanging Basket of Flowers

2nd Place Linda Salt
1st Place Anne Adams
3rd Place Louise Clubley

Class 11 Floral Arrangement "We'll Meet Again"

1st Place Lynne Moore

Class 12 Photograph - Local View

2nd Place John Foster Walled Garden, RHS Wisley
1st Place David Clubley                      Tints of Autumn at Newark Priory

Class 13 - Lockdown View

3rd Place Bob Hodges         Only 10 passengers, all with masks
1st Place Louise Clubley     Three generations of lockdown hair
Linda Salt                                Stay at home - eat cake!
2nd Place John Foster Afternoon tea, VE day
Janet Brian                              Not another walk - please!
Vera Wall                                      A Heron came calling

Class 14 One item of Handicraft

2nd Place Kathy MacGilchrist                 Cat for Stella
3rd Place Janet Brian                             Planning for Christmas during lockdown
1st Place LInda Salt         Cheerful Crochet Cactus

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