June Rose Competition Entries

Congratulations to all who entered - the standard was high and the results close.

The peoples choices were as follows:

1st  Entry E - John Foster

2nd Entry G - Margaret and David White

3rd  Entry F - Jo Graham






















































Thank you to all who entered the  Tulip Competition in May and to those who voted.

The top two were very close but the peoples choice is as follows:

1st - Entry C - Mary King

2nd - Entry D - Margaret  and David White

3rd - Entry A - Kathy McGilchrist

    Entry A                                Entry B                                     Entry C        

      Entry D                                Entry E                                   Entry F
   Entry G                                  Entry H                                Entry J


Entry A                                                                                 Entry B.

Entry D

Entry C

Entry F

Entry E

Entry G

Christina and David Ashdown's Garden                                                                 Carol French's Pot

Margaret and David White's Garden                                                                            John Foster's Second Pot

Close detail from Wendy Flight

Kathy McGilcrest's Tulips from above!

Kathy McGilchrist's Garden

Rosemary Thomson's Garden

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